Caper 10 Alumni Association
October 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

Caper 10 is happy to report the award of four $3000 scholarships to Lower Cape May Regional High School seniors, Kaylee Francis, Gabrielle Masterson, Athenna Stoddard and Kyle Verycken. 
The selection committee members are looking forward to yet another scholarship year ending in June 2019, with a goal of awarding at least five scholarships.  We are counting on you to make that happen.  The total funds awarded since Caper 10 was founded would then be $458,000. 

Please consider renewing your membership in Caper 10 for 2019 by completing the membership form (available on the website:, and  mailing it to the address noted. Couldn’t be easier, right?

While you are preparing your renewal, if you think of someone in your family or a fellow graduate of Cape May High School or Lower Cape May Regional High School who might not be aware of this opportunity, please feel free to ask them to consider joining us this year.  New members are always welcome and very necessary as we continue to support the amazing students in our communities.

Thank you, as always, for your sponsorship and encouragement.  Be assured that your efforts are appreciated by the families who struggle each year to finance the education of their children.


Ed Sherretta,  President
Skip Hoffman, Bob Lepor, Tracey Martin, Erica O’Neill,  
Loretta Saggiomo, Leanne Scheff,  Terry Shields

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